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Thank you for an awesome residency personal statement you provided me with. Without the assistance from Residency Personal Statements service I would have never got into residency program I wanted.

Marie, OH

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Dentistry Residency Personal Statement Sample

Application for a dentistry residency is a stressful period of life. Preparing all residency application documents and creating unique dentistry personal statements requires time and patience. Our professional writers are always ready to assist residency applicants in creating their documents. Check a dentistry residency personal statement created by professional writers below:

For a woman in XXX, a career is not a right but a hard-fought privilege; securing an education on the path to a career in dentistry would be unfathomable without support from dissenting, open-minded parents with strong convictions regarding gender roles. For the only daughter in a family with four boys, Iran’s bias towards males and disregard for females was a barrier that would normally preclude a successful career, let alone one in the medical field.

In XXX, opportunities for a quality secondary education abound, female or not. With open doors and open minds, Sweden offered solace for this refugee family seeking nothing more than a level playing field.

Despite the chance at a fresh start, shame about poor dental health followed mother, who remained plagued by a lifetime of dental neglect.

Born with missing maxillary lateral incisors caused a prominent diastema; this gap was the cause of much shame and embarrassment.

In public, mother presented an unnaturally tight-lipped expression. Her confident smile was hidden, revealing the profound and wide-reaching effect XXX’s disregard for women’s health can have on psychosocial well-being.

Eight years ago, the family immigrated to the XXX, a land where being a girl seems to make no difference. At XXX School of Dentistry there is a team morale which offers encouragement to succeed. The egalitarian ambience had a profoundly positive impact, helping to give back some of what Iran’s ugly policies engendered.

Three years of academic and extra-curricular involvement at XXX further stimulated my love for orthodontics.

In the Orthodontic Selective with Dr. X was made manifest an awakening interest in specific aspects of orthodontics. With the continuing education courses and other books adding to the expense of this marvelous education came financial difficulty, a none too novel scenario for a medical student. This challenge of making money while studying and learning the field of orthodontics led to a unique opportunity: my brother’s dental office needed a part-time assistant.

It was here that weekends of book learning turned into a wide range of matters related to dentistry. This work/study opportunity offered a behind-the-scenes look into patient management, billing, supplies, and insurance claims. During monthly meetings with a visiting orthodontist, I was given insight into the high demand for ortho work in this country. This exciting medical field offers patients a healthy smile, and a healthy smile can mean a healthier psychosocial persona.

It was during year three of dental school that my four brothers and I decided our mother deserved to be proud in public, to be able to smile without shame that should not be hers. Consulting with several knowledgeable and compassionate orthodontists, this family dental team came up with a treatment plan for the matriarch.

Mother’s course of treatment fueled an intrigue in the area of occlusion for both pragmatic as well as aesthetic reasons. Orthodontics is able to offer life-changing services to patients who might have struggled with their smiles; changing my mother’s smile helped further erase the memory of inequality and neglect forced upon the women of my family while still in Iran.

The person who cannot afford dental procedures, or who has immigrated from an area with limited access to dental care are the misfortunate for whom orthodontics can be an absolute miracle. On several international trips to impoverished areas of Peru and Mexico, I performed heart-felt procedures on warm-hearted patients who never expected to smile with pride, who never heard of occlusion, for whom the procedure was life-changing in more ways than one.

Thank you for considering this application for residency in your postgraduate orthodontic residency program, the next step in a long journey that ends with a thousand smiles.

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